Pipa – A hidden paradise

We left Natal with great expectations to see Pipa, a place that many people told us about.

We took the Omnibus and from there we passed by huge palm trees fields In Spain we grow oranges, olives and grapes, but in here is very common to grow palm trees, for us it was a very exotic view.

Once we drove off the main road, the views were breath taking, to see all those little houses with people hanging out outside with their animals was priceless.

Finally we got to Pipa, we went straight to the camping and once we build our little house made of fabric, we had a very surprising visit. A group of 6 macaquinhos approached our tent. They were jumping from branch to branch until we fed them with some coconut biscuits. After the snack they rewarded us with an acrobatic show. All the monkey family was playing together and chasing each other.  From then on, they would visit us every day with the same ritual.  At the beginning we and the monkeys were the only campers at the Pipa Camping. More life and tourists could be found 100 meters further in the village itself.

The next day we woke up with the sunlight and went quickly down to the beach. I had great expectations to see it, because last night the tie was so high that we didnot have a chance to see much.

The scene was incredible, the water went more than 100 meters down, so all the boats settle on the ground and natural swimming pools appear.  We were able to walk from one beach to another, by crossing the rocks we reached Bahia Dos Golfinhos (Dolphins * bay). The beach surrounded by majestic pink and orange cliffs was named like this because with a bit of luck people can swim with dolphins. In the water you can see people’s head scanning the sea in hope to see a dolphin jumping. The trick is to go into the water when a big tourist boat arrives, because the crew throws some fish into the water to attract dolphins. We were among the lucky ones and saw quite a lot, 2 dolphins jumped only 2 meters away from us and it was an experience worth waiting for. It’s a magical feeling to know that they are somewhere around you and all you want is to wait there all day hoping to see those spectacular mammals jumping next to you.

Pipa is such a magical place and it has such a vibe that enchants people. Within a week we made a lot of friends that moved there and have been living there for a long time. They say that each time they leave, they miss it so much that have to come back.

During the day, people enjoy the beaches and the nature, but at night life changes there. The north part of the village is full of restaurants and shop while the south one, our favorite, is where how locals really live. It’s not a touristic spot. There are no pretty boutiques, bars and fancy restaurants. Villages turn their houses into simple shops, sell homemade food in the street for much better value and kids run around without shoes playing with homeless cats and dogs. All this takes place just 100 meters away from a busy square – a centre of culture, trade and leisure of Pipa. We enjoyed walking through the poor part of the village and observing the way they live there without taking part in it, surprisingly nobody would pay much attention to us. We have been in Pipa for 8 days. We know we will miss it and that we will come back one day. I just hope that money doesn’t destroy this place.

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