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Praia Do Rosa – La Vie en Rose

Praia do Rosa got popular in the 70´s thanks to surfers, who discovered its beauty looking for new and unspoiled spots. This little village, located between Garopaba and Imbituba (70km south from Florianopolis)… Continue reading

Playa de los perros – Barra da Lagoa

They are all independent, happy and carefree. They seem to live in perfect harmony, sharing the territory without conflicts. They welcome the newcommers with a “smile” and friendly curiosity. They do not ask… Continue reading

Ilha de Santa Catarina – Florianopolis

I heard a lot about Florianopolis. Some people told me it was a paradise with over 100 beaches, others advised not to bother going there. It’s one of those places, where Brazilians like… Continue reading