Praia Do Rosa – La Vie en Rose

Praia do Rosa got popular in the 70´s thanks to surfers, who discovered its beauty looking for new and unspoiled spots.
This little village, located between Garopaba and Imbituba (70km south from Florianopolis) is surrounded by unique natural beauty: desserted beaches, lagoons, hills and dunes. Most importandly, between June and November, its coast is visited by Ballena Franca Austral ( Southern Right Whale), which comes there every year to breed, feed and take care of their newborns. We were told, that the whales could be watched from the beach and they often got really close to the surfers.

gaviotas praia do luz - praia do rosa

In Praia do Rosa it is permitted to build maximum two-stry houses and the landscape organization is controlled by the authorities.
In April there were not many people visiting the area. It was very quiet and the prices were much more accesible. We treated ourself with a private little house with a kitchen, and bikes that we could use as much as we wanted.
After 2 month break, riding a bike made me the happiest man in the village. It was wonderful to feel the wind on my face again and to be able to go anywhere I wanted.
We spent our days ridding the bikes,  exploring local  areas, and enjoying the beaches.
Praia do Rosa was one of the most spectacular ones. It was named “pink” because, with the right weather conditions, when the sun sets, both the sea and the sky turn pink. Each evening, I would sit there, hoping to see what the beach is soo famous for, but I never got lucky to witnessed this spectacular phenomenon…

praia do Ouvidor - praia do rosa

The beach of Ouvidor was one of my favourites. I discovered it hiking the costal hills. It was peaceful, natural and unspoiled. I walked alond, and came across three little fisherman huts, and suddenly found myself surrounded by cows peacefully fedding with the greenest grass growing on the  sunny hills right by the ocean.

praia do rosa

para do luz trilha - praia do rosa

Praia do Luz, where one of the numerous lagoons of the area joines with the ocean is the beach I will necer forget. There were planty of fisherman with their handmade nets, catching fish from the shore.  The sand was so hard, that it was possible to ride bikes on the beach surface. We would go right into the water and ride throgh the waves of th ocean! It was insane!!

fisherman - praia do luz

fisherman gaviotas para do luz- praia do rosa

That was how we spent our days there – enjoying every hour of it, absorbing the peacefulness of the place.  Then, all of a sudden, a Circus arrived to town. They raised their tent in the main street, and immediately, a queue of kids formed.
We could not resist either! We bought the tickets and waited to see “the best chilean clows and acrobats”! It tourned out to be a family circus, where everyone was doing everything, including baby-sitting a little girl, when her parents were preforming.
It was amazing to see this traditional, old fashioned way of entertaining the audience, prooving, that the real circus has not died yet!!
Unexpectatly I was drugged in to the stage, my eyes covered with a scarf … I had no choice but participate. I was not sure what was happening, couldn see anything at all, and didn´t understand much…but all kids were laughing histerical, so I must have been doing  a good job.  Surely ” the best chilean clowns” made a fool out of me that night, but it  felt good to know, that I made all those kids happy!

the circus - clowns praia do rosa

At the end of the show, one of the circus members came to talk to us and offered us to join them. We would learn from them,  perform our own tricks, and tour with the circus caravana for as long as we wanted.
I was not sure if it was a serious offer, or just another of their ” chilean” jokes, but we were realy tempted for a while! I guess the magic of the circus put its spel upon us too! Eventualy we decided to continue our own journey and see wht it brings next!

goats - praia do rosa

fishing lagoa de ibiraquera - praia do rosa

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  1. OMG, the seagulls. The seagulls!!!! I downloaded that photo for personal inspiration. Hope you don’t mind.

    Thanks for checking out my blog.

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