Playa de los perros – Barra da Lagoa

They are all independent, happy and carefree. They seem to live in perfect harmony, sharing the territory without conflicts. They welcome the newcommers with a “smile” and friendly curiosity. They do not ask for anything, as if the company of their guest was all they wanted.

We arrived to the main beach of the village Barra da Lagoa, and sat down on the bay to enjoy the afternoon sun. Within a minute, first dog approached us, waving her tale and smelling us with a friendly look on her “face”. She laid down next to us, and seemed to be enjoing the day just like we were. Few minutes later, another dog came, said his “hello”, found himself a free spot to lie down and joined us for the afternoon.  Within half an hour, more than five dogs approuched us to say “hi”, and welcome us to their beach.

We were told, that the dogs lived at the beach. They did not have owners ,but local people took care of them and fed them. Occasionally, they got a tasty snack from the tourists eating in the outdor beach restaurants. It seemed to be working well. They all looked happy and healthy, running around, jumping into the water, and chasing eachother.

This dog community, like every regular community, had its crazy member who perturbed the harmony of everyday life. And unfortunately, I became the object of his obsession. The dog desperately wanted me to participate in some kind of  sick game of his, involving digging around a massive wooden block, which he was not able to lift. He was scattering sand all over the place, barking and looking at me with his mad eyes. He would not let any other dog come close to him and his booty. I tried to understand what he wanted to achieve, but it all ended with nothing. An hour and a half later, the dog got tired and left, leaving his wood where he found it.

There is a great number of homeless dogs living in the streets of Brazil, but they all look happy, and are very friendly. They have no fear of people, neither they do any harm. People seem to have more love for them too.

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