Paranaguá? Why not!

Well, to be honest, it was not part of the plan. It turned out to be one of those things about our journey that “just happened”. Instead of going back from Ilha do Mel to Pontal do Sul, spontaneously, we decided to change our destination, and took a different boat. This way, around noon, we found ourselves in a town we knew nothing about.

As soon as we set foot on dry land, we felt really relaxed and welcomed. We sat on a bench to rest for a while, and to decide what to do next. By the port, people were eating lunch in outdoor cafes, and drinking Skol from ice cold, one liter bottles. The sun was shining, and I could smell fried seafood in the air. I felt a sudden urge to get rid of my backpack, shower, put on some fresh clothes, and for a while, become a part of this place. We looked at each other, and without much talking we agreed to find a place to sleep.

It was not difficult. A small hostel by the shore happened to have a cheap double room with a bathroom available. After 5 days of “mosquito camping” on a humid, sandy island, it seemed like a real luxurious treat! It is funny, how things change depending on where you stand.

Paranaguá is the oldest town in the state of Paraná. Its port used to be an important trade junction between the sea and the land. There is an old rail track that still connects it with Curitiba, the capital of the region.

Some really beautiful, colonial buildings decorated the shore. Once we gave them a closer look, we realised, there wasn’t much left of their former glory. They were just abandoned, colorful facades.

In two hours we saw pretty much all there was to see. We had dinner in “buffet por kilo” – tasty and economical way to eat out in Brazil – and we decided to call it a day. It felt great to sleep in a real bed for a change.

3 thoughts on “Paranaguá? Why not!

  1. Thanks a lot! it has been a lovely trip!! and there is a long way to gol!! i can’t wait to see all the things out there waiting for us! I am very glad that you are following the blog and that you like it, keep on checking cause there is much more on the way!!! regards!!!

  2. I like the photos. But I am confused about the black border around them… Are you shooting digital or film? Most film shots have a black border around them (naturally). If you shoot digita, what kind of camera?

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