Salvador da Bahia – Heart of Africa in Brazil

Salvador da Bahia is the first colonial capital of Brazil, the city is one of the oldest in the Americas. The African influence in many cultural aspects of the city makes it the center of Afro-Brazilian culture. This is something you can feel when you walk along the little roads in Pelourinho – historic center of the city. Pelourinho is a very beautiful place. It was named a world cultural center by UNESCO in 1985. The area has a lot of pretty old squares and little roads and offers numerous artistic and musical attractions. It was a nice surprise to see a policeman in every road and every corner, that made us feel very safe.

In one of the main squares of the city – Largo de Pelourinho – there was a shop that caught my attention. The shop was really small and it was all about Michael Jackson. I walked in to see what they had and surprisingly this old man had any single item you can imagine related with the King of Pop.
I spotted a little TV in one of the corners of that shop and I watched a Michel Jackson music video that was filmed in that very square we were at. The famous song was they don’t really care about us!

Enjoy it: 

The center of Salvador is on top of a hill and the the view is impressive! You can see the old market, the port, part of the bay and the islands. In Bahia I tried for the first time a very typical Brazilian drink called Caldo de Cana. This drink is made from a sugar cane. They have those rudimentary machines that crash and smash the sugar cane and you drink the juice that comes out of it. The liquid has a greenish color and the first sip I had it tasted like root from a plant after this first flavor a sweet taste came to my mouth. People say it has a lot of vitamins and it is very good for you. Personally, I did not like it much.

Salvador is well known for its music. We wanted to find a nice place where we could see a music show. We asked a guy who worked at the hostel where to go. He told us about a local bar that he goes sometimes that has live music.
When we walked into this little bar, every single person was dancing and the atmosphere was incredible. Everybody was having a lot of fun and enjoying the music. The place felt very local, somewhere where tourists normally do not go and where everyone knows each other.
We enjoyed every single note the band played and every single step the crowd danced. The band that was playing was formed by four musicians even though sometimes a random lady was joining them on stage to play percussion with a cheese garter!
The last song of the night was sang by the drunkest guy in the bar. The musicians gave him the microphone and he sang a well known Brazilian song while the crowed laughed and danced. That was a perfect way to end up the night!

Enjoy the song:

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