Olinda – La ciudad linda

Little colourful roads full of tiny old houses is what makes Olinda a beautiful and unforgettable place in Brasil. Even though it is a coastal town all that its grey shore has to offer is a small dirty beach and sharks!

Maybe this is why Olinda´s citizens take particular care to keep the town clean and beautiful. It even feels like they compete with each other to paint their houses with the most original and eye-catching colour combination.Olinda

The ambience attracts a great number of artists and craftsman and the streets are full of Ateliers and workshops selling local folk paintings and sculptures.

Olinda is also famous for its carnival. It offers an alternative, form of celebration – more local and folkloristic.

The town is located on small but numerous hills. Alto do sé  – the highest one- offers incredible views. There is a lift that takes you even higher up – to a platform from which you can see the entire town, the ocean and the skyscrapers of Recife. In the evenings the square of Alto do sé fills up with street stalls selling traditional local food (mainly tapioca with all sorts of toppings) and drinks. Olinda church

Tapioca is a kind of pie made of corn that you can fill with many ingredients. With great expectations I ordered a prawn-filled one it seemed tasty until I took a bite…then I realized that the prawns were not peeled! I didn’t understand if they really like the prawns like that or simply they feel lazy to peel them…

There are hippies selling handmade jewellery and young people showing capoeira and playing live music. All this happening right in front of the second oldest church in Brasil (1537).



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