Tibau do Sul – nature, peace and quiet in perfect harmony

Tibau is a village located north from Pipa. We decided to follow the beaches to explore the coast. The next beach after Bahia Dos Golfinhos is called Praia do Madeiro and it is famous among surfers. It is a perfect spot to learn surfing because you can always count on the right waves. The sea there is full of people on the surfing boards, waiting for a perfect wave to come.

You can take surfing lessons there or just rent a board and go with the wind. Instead we decided to walk along the sea and to our surprise we discovered that the following beach was completely deserted. With the ocean in front of us, high cliffs behind us and surrounded by hot white sand we felt like nothing else existed.

We found signs of civilization again once we got to the end of the beach. We knew that we reached Tibau do Sul when we discovered an enormous Lagoa (pond) that Tibau is known for.

Due to the location of the Lagoa this village is a perfect spot to watch the sun set that normally is not a common view in the brazilian coast because sun sets towards the land. It is indeed an amazing experience to see the sun drowning in the blueish – green water and dyeing the sea deep orange.


The village itself is not as truistic as Pipa. Once you leave the beach there are not many hostels nor restaurants. Locals are just hanging out outside their houses while the sun burns the streets. It was a nice change for us to escape the commercialized world for a day.